Комуникационни стратегии

Communication Strategies

We plan communication strategies based on research, analysis and data.

We deliver measurable results via effective communication channels and formats.

We create relevant content for 360-degree campaigns.

We increase daily the communities and audiences we reach.

We manage two-way communications to build long-term relationships.

Позициониране с добавена стойност

Added Value Market Positioning

We use advanced tools and a wide network of experts to explore the opportunities and to analyze the challenges before your business and its impact on the people and the environment.

We design your strategy to generate positive impact.

We implement your strategy to maximize business benefits.

We sustain communication to build communities and trust in the brand.

Корпоративна социална отговорност

Corporate Social Responsibility

We use up-to-date tools for monitoring and analysis, and we follow the needs and troubles of society.

We know how to determine the most relevant area of impact for your business.

We communicate actively and create real news to expand the communities who trust us.

Създаване и управление на съдържание

Content Creation and Management

We create attractive content on current topics.

We develop video, audio, text and web content.

We bring up new subjects which educate the audience.

We open discussions that impact the business, the people and the environment positively.

Service — Концепции и управление на събития

Concept Event Management

We think through every detail and rely on our experience and trusted partners.

We know whom to invite and how to engage the ones who won’t be present.

We hold events that get free media coverage because of their positive impact.